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SCA Augmented Reality demo

As part of the Publicis Brand Loyalty Innovation Lab, we created an augmented reality demo for SCA’s popular brand of kitchen tissue.

Because SCA are Europe’s largest private owner of sustainable forests, we wanted to create a point of sale experience that would communicate this. We created a simple augmented reality demo to show a virtual tree growing from one of their products. The technology used does not require any special markers to be printed on the packaging, as the packaging design itself can be recognized by the software, using machine learning techniques.

This was a fun project to work on, and it was a relatively short turnaround – the application was developed and the tree modeled in just under two working days.

Mind Candy’s PopJam on Android

In 2014 I worked on an awesome social media app for Mind Candy called PopJam. It’s like a version of Instagram, but safe for kids to use (there’s a lot of technology behind the scenes to make sure of that).

I was mostly working on getting the Android version up to feature parity with the iOS version, so I was fixing bugs, adding features, and generally working as part of a team to improve things.

Mind Candy is an awesome place to work and I had an excellent time there! Check out the app on Google Play Store: