Fiat Showroom Installation

So, some of you may have heard about the project I’m just finishing off today.

Moving Brands hired me to work on implementing a permanent interactive installation for the new Fiat Flagship Showroom in London. I’ve been working with their team for the past two months, and I think we’ve managed to create something very special.

It’s a 9 screen interactive video wall which lives in the showroom. It lets you browse images from Fiat’s history and present, create your own statement by arranging movable word blocks, and create an abstract masterpiece by painting with light and gestures.

It’s a massive high res display, comprising of a massive 4080 x 2304 pixels in total, driven by five dual xeon PCs, all running the custom application we created in processing, and synching via a UDP network client written by Toxi.

It has been a massive technical accomplishment to get the thing working, and I think it’s probably the most interesting project I’ve ever worked on.

Here are some photos…

iphone 174iphone 172iphone 161iphone 137iphone 128iphone 124iphone 122iphone 110iphone 103iphone 084iphone 083iphone 077iphone 074Cablingiphone 045iphone 039iphone 012